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Precision Emotional Healing by Liber8

Helping you build a long and fulfilling life.

Get a comprehensive emotional lab report, custom care plan, and a dedicated support group to help you experience lasting emotional freedom.

The Liber8 emotional healing program helps you to discover and overcome the roots of trauma, and find peace in your life. Use the Liber8 program to identify emotional triggers, consult with an expert on how to overcome past trauma, and join a community that will give you support and resources to grow and find freedom and fulfillment in your life. 

List Price: $137

Use the code “LH10” to get 10% off on Liber8 programs.

The Victor Course

Trauma healing through Self-Defense

Specifically designed by mental health therapists and trauma oriented self defense experts to help individuals overcome trauma and move forward.

This course will help you to restore your sense of control, reclaim your confidence, build your strength and control, and help you continue your path of healing and success. 

The Victor course includes an all day in-person group training session, lifetime access to the online Victor course self defense resources, and a course workbook to record and chart your progress. 

Course Fee: $199*

*Scholarships may be available for some applicants. 

Men's Trauma Therapy Consultation

Individual therapy with trauma expert Joseph Gleed

Individual trauma therapy is available for those that are seeking help in working through their trauma and related issues, such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and more.

Joseph Gleed, a license therapist, is passionate about supporting others as they improve their mental health and develop solution-focused strategies to live a more meaningful and valued life. 

Book this therapy consultation to determine if this therapy program is right for you. 

This is a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Meditation and Healing Resources

Resources for meditation, breathwork, and healing from Caroline Cory

Caroline Cory is a leader in the field of meditation and consciousness. She has developed new methods for clearing deep-seated traumas and has worked with world renowned experts to experiment on correlations between consciousness and physical health.

View these resources for meditations to help relieve stress and anxiety, music to help with relaxation and healing, instruction on breathwork, and other resources on how to utilize singing, dancing, movement, and yoga in your healing journey.

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