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In this eye-opening episode of The Jake and Gino Show, hosts Gino and Julia sit down with the incredible Paul Hutchinson, Executive Producer of the sensational film “The Sound Of Freedom” by Angel Studios. This thought-provoking film, released on July 4, 2023, became a Sleeper Hit, grossing an astounding $166 Million in the box office. Prepare to be inspired as Paul, played by the talented Eduardo Verástegui, takes us on a journey through the worldwide issue of child trafficking.

Join Gino, Julia, and Paul as they delve deep into the haunting reality of child trafficking that plagues communities across the globe. Paul fearlessly shares his personal experiences, the transformational moments that ignited his fight against this abhorrent evil, and the powerful ways in which he has utilized his success to bring about genuine change in the world.

Throughout the episode, the discussion touches upon the prevalence of child trafficking across all communities, emphasizing the urgent need for community support and cooperation with law enforcement to combat this heinous crime. Paul Hutchinson’s personal journey in creating a movement against child trafficking is revealed, showcasing his unwavering determination and passion to make a lasting impact.

Listeners will also gain valuable insights into how individuals can contribute to the fight against child trafficking and truly make a difference. This episode serves as a wake-up call, compelling us all to take action and join Paul Hutchinson and countless others in the battle against this unimaginable injustice.

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