Multi Billion Fund Manager Goes Deep Undercover

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Welcome to another powerful episode of the Liberating Humanity Podcast, your hosts Paul Hutchinson and Ken Walls delve into the dark and harrowing world of child trafficking.

As a former multi-billion fund manager turned undercover rescuer, Paul shares his courageous journey from the heights of financial success to stepping into the shadows to fight against one of the most horrendous crimes plaguing our society.

Paul shed light on the realities of child trafficking and the immense challenges faced by those trying to combat it. This explores the motivations that led him to dedicate his life to this noble cause.

This episode is an eye-opening and thought-provoking exploration of a pressing humanitarian crisis. Through Paul’s inspiring journey, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the immense challenges faced by victims and those fighting against child trafficking. 

Tune in to gain insight, actionable steps, and above all, to become part of the solution in liberating humanity from this grave injustice.

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Ken Walls [00:00:15]

You guys are in for a very special treat. I have the one and only Mr Paul Hutchinson on the show. You’re not going to believe this like just trust me. Share this out right now with everybody that you know let’s get a lot of eyeballs on this because this is going to be a life-changing interview for many many many many many people who watch so stay with us we’ll be right back.

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Ken Walls [00:00

Wow. if that doesn’t get you fired up I don’t know what will. Ladies and gentlemen I’d like to welcome Paul Hutchinson to the show. Paul, welcome to the show. 

Paul Hutchinson: [00:04:21]

Thank you Ken, I appreciate you. 

Ken Walls [00:04:25]

So honored to have you here. There are many people already watching. My friend Debbie says “chills.” She’s got chills. So Paul, thank you again for being here. This show is really about helping people get unstuck in life to have a breakthrough and you are a man who’s definitely done that on more than one occasion. So why don’t you start with telling everybody a little bit about you. like where you were born and raised. Start there. 

Paul Hutchinson [00:04:59]

You bet. Well if we go back to the very beginning, I actually remember being in the womb. Believe it or not, I really do. In my earliest memory, I’ll put it this way, I was four years old and we were swimming at the neighbor’s house and we swam all day and my fingers were all kind of raising, because I’ve been swimming so much. When we came home, my mom gave me a bath and she had just made the bed, with brand new clean sheets and tight around the side. So I remember getting into the bed, she turned off the lights and I put the sheet over the top of my head and I pulled it tight and I ran my fingers on the inside of that sheet, all my fingers were bent in the water all day long  and that sensation came back and all of a sudden I had this perfect recollection of that being my life. I remembered feeling the inside and I remember my first fear. It was feeling something that was square, that was tight and square, I didn’t know what it was because of that lack of understanding, and something new, it created some fear and later I found a picture of my mom when she was about eight months pregnant, she had a belt buckle, it was a square one, back in the early 70s and I remember feeling that, and that came back to me that day after swimming and so I remember my first feelings, and I remember my first fear. A kind of a crazy little kid. 

Ken Walls [00:06:36]

That’s insane, that you remembered that. That’s really cool actually. 


Paul Hutchinson [00:06:41]

Well and I think that’s what drives us in life so much is feelings and fears and you know if we can figure out how to break through this and I’ll talk about a lot of those in my path of what those fears were and how those fears held me back and how breaking through those fears was something that transformed my life in so many ways. I was born in Utah and had a wonderful childhood, had four sisters, love them all dearly. I feel super blessed that I don’t have the trauma that so many other people do. We’re going to get into this a little bit later but I’m going to touch on it right now. I’ve been very involved with anti-child trafficking for the last decade. In fact this last two weeks is the first time in reality in the last 10 years where I’ve opened up a social media account and because I’ve come to an understanding that one child being sold is unacceptable, eight million children is beyond comprehension but that number is teeny tiny compared to what the real problem is. The real problem is this, we’ve got 40 percent of all women have experienced sexual violence sometime in their life, twenty percent of all men and of that 20 percent, I mean, if we’ve got eight billion people in the world and four billion of them are women,  four billion men approximately, you’ve got 1.6 billion that women and you’ve got 800 million men who have experienced sexual trauma and of those men one-fourth of them was before the age of 10 years old and one-fourth of all women have experienced that kind of violence before as children before 18. So you’ve got hundreds of millions and billions of people on this planet that have had that kind of trauma, not only sexual trauma but verbal abuse and physical abuse all of this kind of abuse as children and that’s what’s creating this tsunami of demand for the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world with child trafficking etc. I feel very blessed to have lived in a home where I was protected. We never experience sexual violence or physical violence or any of the verbal abuse in any way, so super blessed in that way. Now, we’ll talk about my trauma later. My trauma was fully self-imposed. It was five years ago. I wasn’t Paul Hutchinson. I was Paul effing Hutchinson.  I built a billion dollar company and I was super dysfunctional in my relationships and the choices I had made because of that success that I had and so everybody has trauma in some way but I feel super blessed that growing up I didn’t have that. I had some self-esteem issues that everybody has to get through. I had severe buck teeth. I couldn’t even close my mouth without my teeth coming through over the top of my bottom lip and people call me Bucky and so badly wanted to be accepted. I wanted to be successful. My father when I was about 14 years old, I came to him and I said, dad I wanna know, how do I make friends? How do I have good friends that don’t pick on me for these things? How do I become successful? What do I do? And he was brilliant. My dad said, you know what? I’m going to give you two gifts and these will change your life. He gave me a book called How to Win Friends and Influence People. And the one he gave me was this old tattered one that he had when he was a kid and I remember reading that book and I realized wow, one drop of honey attracts more flies than a thousand gallons of gall is what it said, and it talked about how everybody that you talk to, everybody you encounter in your life, they’re a thousand times more interested in themselves than they are to you and I thought, wow! That’s an interesting way to look at things. Whereas at 14 years old looking at myself in the mirror saying it’s about me and when I realized everybody had those same issues. It didn’t matter if they were the star of the football team, they would probably look in the mirror and have some issues or the head cheerleader, she may have had some abuse at home or whatever else and so everybody is dealing with their own degree of trauma and if I can get to a place in my heart where I can unconditionally love everybody and see through that trauma then it would change. In fact recently, kind of tied into that same book. Recently, I’ve come to this understanding in the last five years, people ask me, “Paul, how can you go undercover and go face to face with the most horrible people on the planet, somebody’s selling you an eight-year-old child and not have them see the anger in your eyes in your hatred toward them?” And my answer surprises people.  I tell them this, “I’ve learned to love them.” And people say “you can’t love them, they’re selling an 8 year old.” I said “no, every single person, every person has got some light inside of them somewhere.” and I’ve realized that if I’m ever judging another human being ever, whether it’s for selling me a child or cutting me off on a freeway. If I’m ever judging another human being there’s a 100 percent chance that I don’t have the information to make that judgment. I don’t know if that guy cut me off on the freeway. If his wife is in the hospital, if his daughter’s not, I don’t know, he might just be an a-hole, I don’t know, but there may be issues there, I don’t know if that guy’s selling me a child is if he was raped as a child himself, I’m sure there was a thousand bad decisions and bad things that happened in his life that got him to the point where he thought that was okay. Now I’m gonna do everything in my power to ensure he never hurts another child again but I can’t judge him and that understanding started coming from that book that my dad gave me when I was 14. 

Ken Walls [00:13:12]

Okay so let’s back up because you look like you’re maybe 34, 35. Did you go to college? I’m sure you graduated high school, did you end up in college?


Paul Hutchinson [00:13:36]

 I did.  I was born in 1970. I’m actually 52 but I wanted to be a surgeon. In fact, my goal when I was five, ten years old was that I wanted to be not a regular doctor, a surgeon, not a regular surgeon but a heart surgeon, not a regular heart surgeon but one who operated on children. I wanted to be a Pediatric Cardiologist and ironically fast forward, 40 plus years later I now see myself as a heart doctor on children, on people who have had trauma as children Etc. but that was my passion, is to be a heart heart surgeon with children. I was two months away from taking the MCAT. I was going to the University of Utah and I got in a major car accident and severed all the tendons in my hand. I still have I-80 in my hand from 30 plus years ago. I got in this major car accident and they didn’t know if I’d have the dexterity to be a surgeon and they said well you can be a regular doctor and my answer was, I don’t want to be a regular anything. If I’m going to be a garbage man, I’m going to own the dump.

Ken Walls [00:15:08]

Okay. I’m so curious about this Paul, because you’re a driver but where did that originate? Where did that come from? 


Paul Hutchinson [00:15:25]

It was the second gift that my father gave me at 14. Okay one was that book. How to Win Friends and Influence People and the other was an audio tape program by Brian Tracy called, The psychology of achievement and it was in those little tape things that wound up. I listen to those tapes so many times on my sony walkman. I listened to him over and over again that I broke the tapes and I had to tape them together and wind them back up with a pencil because I was so intrigued with this mindset and that laid the foundation for everything. When I understood that not only do my actions create a world of abundance but my words and most importantly my thoughts and that if I could control those thoughts, if I could learn to look in the mirror and not see Bucky. If instead, I could look in the mirror and visualize myself shaving a millionaire, if I could visualize myself with this life of abundance, if I could change those negative habit patterns of thought that were creating my scarcity at the time, I could create a world of abundance and that changed everything. In fact, I’m going to go through a bunch of stories on the life path that are all tied to what I learned in that book. In fact my first book that’s coming out  in about three months is called “Are you listening” and it talks about that energetic source that all of us have. This ability to feel and recognize the spirit of truth in every single decision that we make in fact the second thing that happened that changed everything for me is early in my 20s. I was introduced to a man, his name was Jerry Prime. He unfortunately passed away in 2010 but Jerry never graduated from eighth grade, in fact he read on a third grade level yet he was called stupid his whole life, yet he knew inside that he could contribute some beautiful things to the world and Jerry was the inventor of over 300 life-saving medical devices and he was the inventor of the original software that IBM used for voice recognition. He put it together because he couldn’t read or write or everything else. It was this understanding that he had. I went to lunch with him and he said Paul, you could have an IQ of 200 if you wanted. I’m like, ”No, I’m really not that smart. I worked my butt off for decent grades. I didn’t even get a scholarship. I’m not that smart. He goes, “No.” He said, “The difference between me and you is, I listen better than you and I said you listen better than me and I touch my ear. He said, “No, I listen better than you and he touched his heart.” He said, most people discount their intuition because they know not from where it came. They think that it came from their limited understanding, the books they’ve read and the people they’ve listened to and most people look in the mirror and they don’t believe in that man in the mirror and so why would they believe stuff that’s coming out of their own head but if they understood that it comes from a place of infinite truth that all of us are connected in this beautiful way. I’m not going into religion on this but I will say from a spiritual standpoint, there’s a beautiful energy that all of us can tap into. Our entire life and if we learn to listen, it will lead us to abundance, it will lead us to happiness and most importantly it will lead us to our worthwhile goals and dreams and we’re going to talk about that later too. The importance of clearly identifying what it is that you want in your life and then listening with your heart tuning in because that conversation changed everything. And so then I’m like, wow. Okay I’ve got all this information from Brian Tracy that I can do anything I want as long as I change these thoughts. I met this guy who’s hugely successful in all of his inventions and things and I understand that we can guide ourselves through our lives by using something much more powerful than watching TV or outside influences that it’s all inside of us all the time, that changed everything for me Ken. It was absolutely life-changing. 

Ken Walls [00:20:05]

You have no idea how much you and I have in common. I mean Brian Tracy has been on the show and he changed my life 30 plus years ago as well. I listened to the same. I still have The psychology of success and The psychology of selling or sales. CD courses because I wore out the cassette tapes. I love and I told him that. I showed him when I had him on the show. Everything you just said resonates with me on such an extreme level and people watching I see the comments. Talk about, Did you graduate from college? 

Paul Hutchinson [00:20:57]

No, I’m a University of Utah dropout. In fact at the height of my company, we had over 4 000 employees and in the beginning me and John, we have over 43 billion in assets under management now and John Pennington and I, he’s one of the best men I’ve ever met. He’s got just a beautiful Integrity huge heart and I remember when we were in the beginning we were in this little teeny office. It was so small that when we backed up to stand up together our chairs would hit. I mean this is teeny office and and he tells the story all the time he says, Paul always had this vision of where we could be and we would be on the phone, we were starting this investment fund and we had a deal that we had to have 25 000 by Friday and I’m on the phone, I’m making phone calls to some people to invest in the fund and John tells the story he says, yeah Paul would turn around all the time and he would put his little pinky by his mouth and he would say John we’re going to be a billion dollar fund and John said, Paul put up, I need 25 000 by Friday.  Then John would say to me so many times he would say, Paul, if we’re going to have a fund that big you and I both know we don’t have the education or pedigree to run it and I would say yeah John but if we have the vision of where we want to be and we build the foundation with Integrity, we will attract the right people at the right time to help create this empire and that’s exactly what happened. There’s a statistical probability of us getting the right people that came in is almost zero. Don Hartman’s a perfect example. Don’s resume was the most impressive piece of paper I had ever seen. He ran the financial institutions division for Citigroup in Asia. He raised 14 billion dollars to bail out the Asian debt crisis and my son’s soccer coach came to me and said, “Hey, there’s a guy that you probably should meet.” And again, I was listening and there was something super strong when he said that I said, “Well whoever he is, I want to meet him.” Then he shows me his resume and I’m like holy crap, this guy’s in Utah? And Don came on. And a few months later, he came into my office, this was December of 06 and he said, “Paul, we’re in trouble.” And I said, “We? The company? The fund?” He goes, “No, we, the whole country.” He said, we’re looking at a multi-trillion dollar problem and if you don’t change you’re going to be upside down with everybody in your industry. This was two years and a half before the 2008 crisis and what I didn’t realize when we brought Don on is, he was arguably one of the top experts in the world at analyzing banking cycles and credit crises. His job at the city was the head of the financial institutions research division. There was a one in a billion chance that the guy who had studied banking cycles and credit crisis for Citigroup for decades was there as our employee and then our partner and saw the crisis early. And so again back to the visualization, creating something with integrity and listening it allowed us to attract the perfect people in our business that allowed us to expand and grow into something beautiful that it is today. 

Ken Walls [00:24:36]

My question for you is, so you dropped out. I love that “university drop out.” Did you immediately like “I know what I want to do.” I know exactly what I want to do and go start doing it?

Paul Hutchinson [00:24:59]

No, Here’s what happened. So many times, people will identify their journey first and their destination later, so many times we spend time climbing a ladder only to realize that it’s leaning against the wrong wall. The most important thing that I did is I had a mentor that had me sit down and write out what that end goal was. Okay, this is the kind of income that I want, this is the lifestyle that I want, this is the amount of money I want to donate to charity, this is the time that I want, this is the ability I want to travel. See, my sister Tiffany used to be a travel agent and if I called her up and I said, “Hey Tiff, I wanna be on a 737 tomorrow at three o’clock.” And should say, “Well where do you want to go Paul?” And then if I answered saying, “Well, I want to make sure that it has blue wings and two engines.” She’d laugh at me but that’s how most people live their life. They’re all talking about this vehicle and instead if I said, “Hey Tiff, I need to be in New York for a meeting tomorrow at seven o’clock p.m.” She would tell me, “You need to be at the airport at this time and it wouldn’t matter what color where the wings were and it wouldn’t matter how many engines were on the plane, that’s the vehicle that was destined to get to there and so as we lay out our life, identifying where we want to go, what kind of a lifestyle we want, what kind of relationships we want, what kind of a charity work we want to be doing, whatever it is identifying clearly what that end goal is but then simply listening and realizing that some beautiful answers will start coming and they’ll show up for you and so what happened is, I had this goal, where I wanted to make a powerful positive impact in the lives of others. I had a poster on my wall when I was a kid and had a bunch of Lamborghinis and Ferraris and it had a sign that said, “He who has the most toys wins.” Today, I have one that says, “He had a powerful positive impact in most lives, win.” I knew that I couldn’t be a heart surgeon and I couldn’t be a regular doctor and so my mentor encouraged me. He said, “Paul, you have a gift with people and the ability to communicate.” He said, “If you do what I teach you to do, you’d be a millionaire by the time you’re 30 and you’ll have the time to enjoy it.” I said, “Well, what do I do?” He said, “Well number one, anybody in business has got to learn how to handle rejection and learn how to sell.” He said, “So, I suggest you quit your job at the hospital and find the highest rejection job you can possibly find.” And so I got a job at a call center. 300 employees were cold called selling children’s videos. Now, I told them, I’m not selling anything I don’t believe in ever ever ever ever ever ever and these guys were selling children’s self-help programs. Teaching them honesty and integrity and stranger danger and things like this and that felt right because it was in line with my goal to help children and it was in line with what my mentor said, I need to learn how to handle rejection, learn how to sell. I’m in this room. There’s 300 employees cold calling. There’s an average employee who is selling 20 videos per week. There were two guys that were selling 70 a week. My mentor told me, he said, “Paul, you’ve got to work to learn, don’t work to earn.” He said, if you’re there one day for a paycheck then you’re wasting your time. He said, you’re there to educate yourself, so I’m like okay, now what do I do? He said, they’re the two guys that are there that are making 70 sales a week, take them to lunch on your diet, spend time with them, study what they’re saying and what they’re learning. And so I did, every single day I took one of those two guys to lunch and I would ask him, I would say okay, what are you saying? How do you handle this objection? etc. literally within a few weeks I was making 70 plus sales a week where the average of the 300 were still making 20 and then I went into my boss and I said, “Hey, what’s the record here? He said, oh it’s like 203 sales in a week. I said, what do I get if I break that record? and he said, what do you want? He had a Mont Blanc pen on his desk, I thought that was super cool to have a hundred dollar pen. I said, how about I break that record and you give me that pen and he smiles and he goes of course. So, I go home and I’m studying audio programs from Dennis Waitley and Zigzaga and how to handle objections and stuff and I come back next week. I visualize it, I focus and I make 200 and 10 sales. I broke the record of the average person still making 20. And so one of those two guys that were making 70, he’s like, oh bring it on Paul, because he had held that record for like five years. So he comes back in and makes like 230 sales that next week and I like,  game on. So I go home and the entire weekend, I’m recreating the script. I’m writing objection busters and I’m memorizing how to relate to people from the heart and really help them see that this is something that could be valuable for their children and their family that could transform their lives and when I really started feeling Into the heart of it and it wasn’t sales anymore to me I came back that next week and Ken I did over 300 sales that next week. The average person is still doing 20 and then something miraculous happened. The company decided to bring on a new campaign this was Lucinda Bassett’s attacking anxiety and depression program. It was an audio program that helped people break free from the negative habit patterns of thought that we’re holding them down and creating anxiety and depression. My boss said, “Paul, out of these 300 people, I don’t think any of them can sell this,” he said, I’m bringing in some guys that earn six-figure incomes from other companies that are power players on the phone. He said, you’re the only person of this big group that I think could be part of that. You wanted it? And so I said yeah. My mentor said, do the same thing you find the two guys that are earning the most. And these guys show up with Mercedes. I’m like 22 years old and these guys show up with Mercedes and BMWs and my boss said don’t get enamored with that. He said, you’re not gonna be a phone sales guy for the rest of your life. You’re working to learn, remember? I said yeah, He said, you do the same thing. Take two of the best guys in your industry the two best guys that are there and take him to lunch every day and I did and I was studying from what they did and pretty soon I was making as much money as any of these guys that were and I was like 22 years old and then something really sad happened. The company ended up being shut down. There was an FBI raid and investigation where the owners of the company shut down all the computers in one day. Everybody lost their jobs like two weeks before Christmas and at that point I had listened to enough tapes and audio programs. I have decided that I was officially unemployable that I was going to start my own company and so when Lucinda Bassett’s husband, David Bassett the attacking anxiety and depression program, he called me at home and he said, “Paul, I’ve seen all of the numbers you were killing it and selling these personal coaching programs to help people overcome anxiety. He said, we would like to fly you to Ohio and you can start running the company and stuff here. I said you know what, I’m officially unemployable. I don’t want to work for anybody but if you’ll let me run the marketing company, if I can start my own company at this point, then I’ll run it. So we negotiated. I started the Midwest Center marketing that sold the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety programs at the time they were doing six million dollars a year and they were in the red. Fast forward by the time I was 29 years old, I had built this up to over 200 employees. I had a purse and we were doing 70 million dollars a year through the company and everything. We have 50 000 people a month calling in off of this infomercial and what was so powerful Ken, is that the drug companies were making billions of dollars a year giving people artificial crap that was covering up the symptoms. In fact if you imagine this big ugly tree and this tree is anxiety and depression and there’s branches that are irritable bowel syndrome, numbness in your hands and feet and palpitations in your heart, all these and crazy horrible things and the drugs are just covering up the branches, but the roots of the problem are negative habit patterns of thought, worry, what if thinking, negative expectations, the perceptions we have of ourselves, our coping skills in dealing with stress these are all things that can be changed and they can be changed we had a workbook and an audio program and what was beautiful is that the videos that we put together were just cameras from our phone, from real living breathing, loving human beings who had been through it before that had used these principles and even the coaches that we used were not therapists and psychiatrists, they were  people who had graduated from our program, there were people who had been there before and that gave our customers the most powerful tool that they didn’t have which was the leaf. Once they have that belief and the tools, a person who understands, a person who has a dream and has that visualization of where they want to be and can look in the mirror and believe that they can get there, is never at the mercy to somebody who simply teaches how or understands how. We have the workbook and everything else necessary to help them overcome but the very thing that they were fighting stopped them from overcoming that challenge and that very thing that they were fighting that negative self-talk was saying “that’s not going to work for me.” “It’s not going to work for me.” But by giving them the  personal coach who had been there before and says you know what Ken, I believe in you. I’ve been there before and this is what I did to get through it. We had a huge high success rate. We had a 97% success rate within the coaching program. We had a 100 percent money back guarantee. only three percent of the people who had gone through that said, “I’m not able to live a normal life again.” It was so beautiful to be able to see that transformation. So I ended up selling that company when I was 29 years old. I met my goal. Made some good money. I sold it for 20 million dollars. Most of that was in stock, it was restricted stock, that’s a whole separate story but I learned later. I had some cash out of it and that’s where I transitioned into the fund and we can talk about that now or you can ask any other questions about the anxiety program in my 20s.

Ken Walls [00:37:00]

Well. I never run out of questions Paul but I’m sitting here going oh my God, okay. He made a right turn at that point in life. I made a left turn and that explains a lot. I just love that because I’ve been down some similar paths. I mean with the telemarketing stuff and everything. I know that you hired people to get them on the phones and I have this Mastermind. We did this call last night and there was a situation where I said to somebody. I said, you’re trapped in the story that you’ve sold yourself that somebody else taught you or gave you. When you were a child and that’s what is holding you back. Talk about the people that you’ve hired to get on the phones or be in sales or run a department that you knew they’re trapped in an old story and you need and help them to have that Paradigm Shift. How did you approach that and accomplish it?

Paul Hutchinson [00:38:11]

Beautiful, beautiful question. So I’m going to tell you a story about Robert. When I had 200 employees and we were on the phone, we were selling the coaching programs to help people with anxiety. Robert had a beautiful heart, he loved the people on the phone and he loved the fact that he was transforming lives by making phone calls and helping people overcome their anxiety; however, Robert had a self-limiting belief. Robert saw himself as a thirty thousand dollar a year person. They lived in this small apartment, he had this old rundown car, he had a few kids and it was difficult for him to expand past that. Robert would come in after a paycheck, he would come in the first part of the month. He would come in and he would make phone calls and he would kill it. He would be so effective and he do well enough that if he continued that throughout the month, he would be a six-figure income person easily but the challenge was is that Robert would come in and he would he would kill it for the first week and then boom everything would just drop and I remember Robert would kneel down in front of his his desk and pray to God to fix things in his life that he didn’t believe we’re going to be fixed. Now that’s so important. People think that faith is going to church and asking God to fix things in their life that they don’t believe are going to be fixed. It’s that self-belief that is everything. It’s not throwing something out on somebody else, even God and saying fix this for me because when you do that but you don’t believe that it’s going to come, you’re going to sabotage yourself and so I came to understand that Robert didn’t see himself like I saw him. He didn’t see himself as a hundred thousand dollar a year plus person. He saw himself as a thirty thousand dollar year person. So I pulled him off the phone and I said, Robert, we’re going to go for a drive for the rest of the afternoon I said. I’ll still pay you for today I said but I’m going to take you for a drive and so we went out and I said, Robert if every car in the world cost a dollar what would you drive and he said, well I want to have one of those custom vans with the high cops on the bed in the back. Now that’s not my dream. I can never, but that was his, right? So, I took him and we went to the car dealership and we found one of those things and we were driving it. I had him in the driver’s seat and I said Robert can you see yourself in this? He goes, oh This is so nice, I could never afford this. I said yes you can. Do you realize that every week of the month you were as effective as you were? The first week you would be able to have this and so much more. All you have to do is see yourself. Visualize yourself in this car, I said and you can have it. After we were done driving the car we went and we drove into a nice neighborhood. I said what if every house costs a dollar where would you live? and he says, “Oh this one up on a hill.” So we went up there. We saw this beautiful home and I said, Can you see yourself in that? ” He goes, “Oh never.” I said, that’s the problem, Is you don’t see yourself there. I said, you’re changing lives with these people. it says, if it’s not motivating enough for you that two-thirds, three-fourths of the people that you’re talking to on the phone every month are not getting the help that they need because Robert doesn’t believe in himself, I said, then we need to fix that. don’t we? He goes, “yeah I think we do.” I said, So you could have that house. You could have this lifestyle. you could have everything you want to, you just have to change those negative habit patterns of thought in yourself, just like what we’re teaching all of these people that we’re selling the program to. And that transformed Robert’s life in helping him see. Later I was a mentor to a bunch of young entrepreneurs and business owners and at the time my mentor was named Steve and I had this young guy, actually he was older than me. I had this guy named Dallas and he was having a hard time getting his business started and going. So I decided I’m going to introduce him to my mentor. So I took him and we were driving in Steve’s car. This was a Mercedes and it was beautiful. Steve was driving and I put Dallas up front and I was in the back and Steve asked Dallas. He said Dallas, what’s your why? Do you want to build your company? What’s your dream? And Dallas says, Well that’s the problem Steve. Steve said, what? and I didn’t think Steve heard him and so I leaned forward and I said Steve, he says that’s the problem and Steve turned around and he said, “No Paulie, that’s your problem.” I’m like, that’s my problem? He goes “yeah, why are you teaching him how to build his company when he doesn’t understand his why?” If you can’t clearly help him identify the reason he wants to build a company you are wasting your time and his. So take him out to identify whatever it is. I want to be more charitable, I want to have more time with my family, I want to travel more, whatever it is. He said, “A man who understands why is never at the mercy to a man who simply understands how.” And that changed everything in terms of how I mentored and how I help people and it was back to that Brian Tracy thing. Again if in our mind if we can’t visualize in fact Brian actually taught this beautiful story. He said that Yale University had a study and this was, I guess now was 40-50 years ago but in this study only three percent of the graduating class of Yale University that you’re only three percent had clear, specific, written goals. 20 years later, that three percent was worth more in net assets than the entire 97 percent put together. That’s one of the most amazing longitudinal studies that I’ve ever read and it’s simply this, it didn’t matter what their GPA was, it didn’t matter what they were studying, what their major was, the differentiating factor with them was the fact that they had clear, specific, written goals. Most people spend more time planning their next vacation than they do planning their life and if you just took an extra hour or two today and sat down and said, okay. If time and money were no issue, what would I do? In fact I’m going to tell you a beautiful story. This is so inspiring, my first wife was named Tiffany. When we first got married, she was a model for McCarty’s. They do the swimsuit issue of sports illustrated. She was on the Crimson line at the University of Utah dancer and she loved to dance and then that car accident that severed the tendons in my hand, she was in that car accident, she broke her pelvic bone and she wasn’t able to dance, she wasn’t able to exercise and she started putting on a lot of weight. She got pregnant with Jordan and Jayden, our twins. She got pregnant with our third little boy Brandon. 29 years old she is 230 pounds. Now, she started out when we got married. She was 112, so 230 pounds 29 years old I had just sold my marketing company the Midwest Center one. I was at a seminar and I was teaching people that they can have and do anything they want. They just have to decide what it is the world is theirs, Whatever It Is they want and so we were sitting talking after that time I was speaking and she said “Paul, I want to do something great with my life.” And I said Tiff, what would you do if I said if time and money were no issue and you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you dream? Anything,  what would you dream? And she looks down, she says, “You’re gonna laugh at me.” I said “No, I’m not.” She said, “since I was a little girl, I wanted to be an NFL cheerleader.” I look at my 230 pound wife, I’m like, “you go girl.” And she said, “No, I’m serious, when I was 14 years old I was dancing at a 49ers game at their halftime.” And I thought this would be so amazing to be a 49ers cheerleader. And so, this was in December and I realized she was serious. So for Christmas that year, I went online and I found a picture of a San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush cheerleader and whose hair looked like Tiffany’s but of course her face and her body were very different and I put Tiffany’s face on it, on Adobe Photoshop. So I photoshop her face in there and I framed it. I wrote at the bottom Tiffany Hutchinson, San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush cheerleader and I framed it and I gave it to her for Christmas and she opened up that package and she started crying and she set that picture by her bed stand. Every single night before she went to bed, she held that picture and she looked at it and just visualized that being her. Every single morning when she woke up before she even got out of bed she pulled that picture off her nightstand and she looked at it and visualized that being her and she started exercising, it  motivated her to exercise. She exercised two to four hours every day. A year later, no surgery at all, she had gone from 230 pounds down to 112 back to her pre-wedding weight. It changed her life. Now there were 500 girls trying out for the 49ers that year. How they do the cuts? Every single day they cut like half of them. So I knew they’re gonna cut half and then half and half and I said, Tif, I can get a discount on the room if we pay for a week but you know, we’ll waste it if you get cut early on and so should I just do it day by day and she looks at me and she goes, “Paul I can’t believe you said that.” she said, Where’s your belief? She said I’m not gonna get cut. That was bloody. She was 29 years old because she’s a mother of three. She lives in Utah. So she said, I’m not gonna get there’s 500 girls trying out. Three spots available that year. She was the first pick. She was the only girl on the team, that was over 25, the only girl married, the only girl with kids. It cost me like 30 plus thousand dollars in plane tickets just to fly her out for all the games and all of the performances and everything else that they did every single week. I mean they had to practice two or three times a week but she wanted the kids to stay in the schools that they were but who wouldn’t pay thirty thousand dollars to have their 19 year old wife back again. right? And it transformed her opinion of herself and that vision and it was a beautiful story that it doesn’t matter how old we are, it doesn’t matter all these situations in our life, we can be, do and have anything that you want in your life. Now, I wanna go in before we lose our time. I want to talk about charity work.


Ken Walls [00:49:56]

Hey, we got all the time in the world. I don’t care how long we go but yeah I want you to talk about that. I want you to talk about the transition into the fun and all of that and then how you got into the undercover stuff, which is incredible. If you can. I’m assuming.

Paul Hutchinson [00:50:21]

I’m out of that work. Now, I’m coming public with it for the first time. 

Ken Walls [00:50:29]

It’s unbelievable. So yeah, go ahead. Talk about the charity stuff and where did that begin for you? How did you get into it? 


Paul Hutchinson [00:50:37]

The beginning of me really understanding the value of charity actually came back when I was 19 years old. So I grew up. I’m a non-denominational christian today but I grew up in the LDS and in that church you spend two years on a service mission and this is not a religious thing but this is a relationship I have with God. So I moved into a new area yet you get transferred every few months into new areas. I moved into a new area and in my precedence of the mission called me and he said, “Paul, I need you to close down the area that you’re in. There’s been no baptisms in two years, there’s nobody interested at all in the church or anything and I thought hmm. I said, I just barely got a brand new companion, he was kind of a cool guy and I thought, I don’t want to miss in 30 days. So I said, president, can we have this conversation in 30 days? ” Are you good with that?” He laughed. He goes, “yeah we can do that.” So I took out a piece of paper. she’ll get a piece of paper and I said to my companion, “ brother I said, we’re going to write a goal at the top of this paper that is so big that you and I for the rest of our lives are going to know we had nothing to do with it if it happens and when it happens.” And so the average missionary back then, I served in Virginia, and the average missionary had like seven baptisms in two years as like three and a half per year. A realistic goal would have been one or two people to baptism or something people were interested in. A crazy goal would have been a baptism. I decided, we would write 30 days from now we will have 10, that’s impossible, that’s impossible impossible. We didn’t have anything to work with. I wrote a line underneath it and I said okay the rest of this paper, we’re not going to fill up with things that we’re going to do to accomplish this because there’s no way we can do that. There’s no way we can’t knock on enough doors to accomplish it’s impossible here. I said instead we’re going to fill it up with things that we’re going to do to prove God. prove to God that he can accomplish it for us. Right? So this is my mindset at the time and we decided to fill up the entire thing with charity work with donating time at the old folks home. Making time for the widow next door and helping her repair her fans and this other family that was out of a job and helping him work on their yard, some other all of it was charity. The entire thing was charity work and 30 days later, we had reached that goal. Now the miracle wasn’t that. The miracle was the fact that every one of them came from any work. We even did charity work. They all come from random phone calls from other people saying, “hey there’s somebody you need to talk to.” This is the pattern that continued in my life. I realized that if I worked really hard at my business goals I had decent results because I worked my butt off but if I worked really hard and tried to have a powerful positive impact in the lives of other people, I had huge goals in my business, huge results in my business world and very seldom did those results come from anything that I did. I would make phone calls. I’d work really hard but then all of a sudden boom. Something would come in and I think that for me, you call it God, call it the universe, call it whatever you want, there’s a higher power very interested in us doing good and for me that higher power knows that Paul Hutchinson has a propensity to have an ego. So he wants me to know that I had nothing to do with the growth of a 40 billion dollar company right? So for example, Glenn Beck won, I don’t know if you know who Glennie is, So Glenn wanted to launch his anti-child trafficking campaign from Bangkok Thailand and I knew that he had a huge audience and a lot of people whose lives would be touched if that happened and at the time that the charity that we were working with had a bunch of grandmas that were donating five dollars a month to help rescue children and that’s kind of sacred money, we didn’t want to spend a hundred grand is what it was going to take to send Sam Glenn Beck and his team to Thailand to make this happen. So I decided that I would make that happen myself and Dawn, one of my partners in the fund. So we helped write that check to go to Thailand and so that he could film everything. On the way home as the plane was landing in the U.S. The wheels touched down. As the wheels touched down, I got a cell phone signal, I had two voicemail messages pop up on my phone, one of them was from one of the members of the Marriott family saying, Paul, I’ve looked at your senior housing investment fund, I want to put another X number of million dollars into that fund. The other one was from Flying J management with even a bigger number. My income from those two voicemail messages multiplied exceeded what I had just written the check for from a charity standpoint and it happens every single time. When I got involved in anti-child rescue rescuing work, our fund was only two billion dollars. Today, it’s 43 billion. How does somebody become a partner let alone a co-founder of a 40 plus billion dollar company? You’re not a University of Utah Dropout. You go to Harvard, you get a JD MBA, you move to New York, you start at the bottom for 20 plus years and maybe in the Navy, you end up being a partner the statistical probability of me being where I am is zero. The only way that I understand is that number one, that Brian Tracy tape program that changed how I thought and how I felt about success and I could visualize it and number two and probably most important, I made a decision in my early twenties, that not five percent not, ten percent but 20 percent of my money and 20 of my time would go to making a powerful positive impact in the lives of other people. That one decision from a charity standpoint, I tell people I’m not that charitable, I just need help running my companies and you know God and the universe and everything around me is a way better smarter than I am at running them and that’s what happens every single time. Making that decision to do charity. I’ve served on countless boards of directors. When I made that decision in my early 20s that I was going to give 20% of my money and 20%. I didn’t know where it would make a big difference. I was given money by a 40 year old man on the side of the street that’s asking me for drug money and that didn’t feel right. I took the kids out one time with a bunch of pizzas that we were going to feed the homeless and we rolled down the windows drove through the homeless area and they were handing out pieces of pizza and one of the homeless guys grabbed one of the boxes from them and they were throwing f-bombs around and fighting over these pizzas. I’m like crap and I rolled up the windows and I thought does this feel right? Is this the charity now? Yes, some of those people are in really hard situations and I think we can help them by changing that perceptions they have of themselves and showing them the lifestyle that they can have but for me the decision that I made was the truly innocent, a nine-year-old child in a position completely outside of any decisions that she made, that’s where I wanted to focus. I was already helping. Wanting to help children with me wanting to be a child pediatric surgeon so I donated time at the Ronald McDonald House and time at Primary Children’s Hospital. I was on the Make-A-Wish Board of Directors for seven years. I was the incoming chairman for Make-A-Wish here in Utah when I got a phone call from Sean Reyes, our attorney general and He said, “Paul, I know that you’ve donated a lot of money and a lot of time to help children, I have something I need to talk to you about that’s pretty dark.” I said, what’s that? He said, it’s the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world and good people don’t know that it’s even happening. He said, “It’s child sex trafficking.” I’m like, “sex trafficking? Who would have sex with a child? Are you kidding me?” He goes, No, he said this is serious. He said, there’s more today and I’m not talking about just children being abused at home which is horrible and even bigger. Sold human beings, there’s more today than all 300 years of the transatlantic slave trade put together. I said, “Well, how can I help? And he said, “Well, you can help with something that’s really Hands-On.” He said, there’s a homeland security agent who is in Colombia. He found 20 children in Cartagena and he wants to rescue those children. He was working with Homeland Security. He needed fifty thousand dollars to rescue these children and he couldn’t get the US government to give him the money because he couldn’t prove that there’s any Americans involved. In fact he tells a story about how another one of the agents had a fake hewlett-packard’s manufacturing sting in China that he needed fifty thousand dollars for it and Homeland Security gave him the fifty thousand but they wouldn’t give Tim the fifty thousand he needed for the rescue of these children. So he was so frustrated, he quit his job and like two weeks later he had only raised 700 and so that’s when I was called and some other people. Glenn Beck was a huge help on this and donated some money as well and we helped to make that happen but then a few weeks later he called me and he said, “Paul, I’m in Cartagena Colombia.” this was Tim calling, and he said, “there’s not just 20 children here, there’s more than 50 and there’s more than a hundred children tied to this same trafficking rings in some other cities surrounding, we have a plan that we can rescue all 100 children plus on the same day at the same time but I need your help in a big way.” And I said, “Well, how much do you need?” He said, “I need you, can you be in Colombia in two days?” He said, “The head trafficker down here has a piece of property. It’s an island that he inherited from his mom and he wants to develop it into a child brothel sex resort.” kind of like the Jeffrey Epstein Island type thing. He said, he has this plan where he can make tens of millions of dollars a year from wealthy Americans coming down for these horrible things but he needs eight million dollars to build out this resort and what our plan is, he said, I can’t teach my Navy Seals how to negotiate an eight million dollar transaction and my company that was was all a real estate company at the time and he said, “If you fly down here and pose as somebody who is interested in funding his project under one condition, he has to prove to you that he can make it successful and he’s going to do this by having a party in a couple weeks and you’re going to bring down a whole bunch of wealthy friends of yours for this sex party with kids and he’ll bring those all together. And so two days later, I’m in Colombia. We meet at this restaurant and I’m face to face with the most evil people that I’ve ever met, selling me eight nine-year-old children and I thought, “oh my word, this really happens.” Now he knew more about my background than most people. I have a special set of skills from a previous life that make me somewhat safe undercover but most importantly he needed somebody who could negotiate this deal with him and be effective at it. So I’m sitting there at this table and there’s four traffickers, three males and one female. This female was a beauty queen. She was like Miss Cartagena and she had this fake modeling agency that she was going around to towns in South America and telling the parents “Oh you’re your daughter’s way too pretty to be working in the fields, she should be a model.” And they would bring her to this photo shoot and they would snatch them up and take them. In fact there’s a movie coming out. This exact story I’m telling you is the script to the movie. It follows the story of the homeland security agent before he leaves and whatnot. His part is played by Jim Caviezel, Jim played Jesus Passion of the Christ Count of Monte Cristo. He plays Tim in the movie. The movie is called The Sound of Freedom and you’ll understand why in a second. The actor who plays me is Eduardo Varastagi. Eduardo is one of the more famous actors in Mexico. I was with the previous president of Mexico and Eduardo and everybody wanted pictures with Eduardo. Nobody cared about the president and he didn’t play Paul Hutchinson because when we put together the movie I didn’t need anybody to know who I am. I was still running undercover stuff and so he plays Pablo Delgado, the billion dollar fund manager who quits his job to go help rescue children. So back to the live story. I flew back down and we met with the U.S embassy and the Colombian federal agents, they provided 40 agents for us. Four of them were our maids, four of them waiters, four of them were Cooks. They’re not very good cooks but they’re armed. 25 of them were there to storm the party at the right time and these guys showed up in Cartagena. Actually, there were three separate cities going on at the same time and there was Cartagena, Medie and Armenia. A total of 127 children, the largest child rescue operation in one day in history that I know of up at that time and 54 of them were there in Cartagena and these guys show up with these boats towards this island that we’re at with all of these children. We put the children in this separate place in the house because they’re already traumatized enough, we won’t want them seeing the guns and the money changing hands etc. And I’m sitting there at this table where we’ve got Sean, there we’ve got Tim, there I’ve got all of these undercover operators and stuff there, they’re my buddies that were there for the party were all ex-special forces guys and we’re sitting there at this table and one of the traffickers he says, Pablo I have a gift for you. I said, “what’s your gift?” And he goes in the house and he’s in there for about 10 minutes and you could hear a couple of the children crying and he came back out and he has four virgins scared to death, three little girls and one little boy. This little boy was 11 years old. They had given him cocaine that morning because he was so scared it was gonna hurt. He was abducted from Haiti. What kind of effed up monster thinks that that’s attractive. Every cell in my body wanted to hug these kids and say you’re gonna be fine. You’re going to see your parents again and this little girl, the same one that two weeks before, one of the traffickers had showed me on his phone and said Pablo, two weeks before he goes. Pablo, let me show you this gift and he shows me this little 11 year old girl and he says this is Princess. She’s still a virgin we just took delivery of some and she’s my gift for this party and he started talking about these horrible things we do this little girl and I thought oh my word, if we could get these children out before they’re ever raped the first time, that’s a miracle and something he said made me realize he had more than her I said, “Fuego, You have you have more virgins?” Oh yeah, three or four more. I said, “you have to bring those to the party as well.” And he says, “oh no. they’re too expensive.” I’m already paying 25 000 to this party, we’re paying 500 per child for 50 Children just for two hours in the afternoon and fast forward this little girl was standing in front of me. I’m sitting on a chair. Her standing up wasn’t much taller than I was sitting down and there were tear stains in her makeup face. She was so scared. I took her hands, I said, what’s your name? and she didn’t know her name. I’m sure it’s because her real name wasn’t Princess. She was trying to think what they should say to her and I said, “Esta bien. It’s okay.” That was the hardest thing for me was to see her fear and her eyes as she was looking at me and I thought oh my word. If my goal is to have a powerful positive impact in the lives of others to pull her out of this hell hole, is everything and so they went back in the house and the most beautiful moment of my life up to this point was after the agents came. Storm the party. Arrested everybody else including the bad guys think that we were extradited to the U.S to stand trial. 30 Child Protective Services people came in with the children and they started. They wanted to calm down. They started laughing and they started singing with these children and that sound of freedom not laughing and seeing that Sound of Freedom was the most beautiful sound that I ever heard, especially in comparison to the crying that we heard half an hour before. This is why we named the movie with Jim Caviezel and Eduardo Verástegui. That’s how we named it the sound of freedom and it should be coming out sometime next year. Looking for some distribution networks and stuff on that. But that is what changed my life. I said to our attorney general at the time. I said Sean, I’ve spent my whole life making rich people richer.  Really, it was only the last 10 years in the fund but he knew my heart, he knew that I had a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. That’s how I live with all my companies and I said, Can I write you a check? What do you need? He said to me, “Paul, unfortunately the majority of demand for this horrible act in second and third world countries comes from wealthy businessmen and celebrities etc in first world countries. I can’t teach my Navy Seals how to wear a four thousand dollar suit and a 50 000 watch and negotiate a multi-million dollar deal and I haven’t found a ultra successful business owner who’s had the training that you’ve had.” He said, “If you’re willing to be the bait, I’ll change your whole life.” So since that time I’ve led 70 undercover rescue missions in 15 countries. Started out working with the foundation that we started with Tim and others. The last five years started a foundation called the Child Liberation Foundation. The Child Liberation Foundation identifies other NGOs around the world who have guys that are rescuing and pays for the rehabilitation and the reuniting of children with their families. And I have some beautiful beautiful stories of the plight of these children and getting them back to their families but my focus now and the reason, this is the first live broadcast that I’ve ever done in going into the details of these missions because I’ve come to an understanding this last year that going undercover and rescuing 20, 30, 40 children at a time although thousands of children have been rescued, thousands of children from the foundations that I’ve worked with and others that we have helped to fund. That’s never going to fix the problem. It’s growing faster than anybody can ever imagine and here’s the real problem Ken. I touched on this early in our conversation, eight million children is beyond comprehension. It’s so dark, it’s so hideous, however 200 million men were raped at under under 10 years old in this world. They say that 20 percent of all men have experienced sexual violence and one-fourth of them was under the age of ten and 40 percent of all women. 40 percent have experienced sexual violence in their life and one-fourth of all women were as children. why? This is what my life mission is at this point. How can I combine the things that I learned from Brian Tracy, the things that I taught with the attacking anxiety and depression program. The things that I have seen being in the darkest deepest depravity of our world in seeing these children in this horrible situation. How can I take that and tell the stories and write some books that will help really fix the problem? How can I help fix the generational trauma? The hundreds of millions of men and women who have massive trauma, sexually as a child and here’s the crazy thing Ken. The average age of somebody that comes out and says “yes, I was abused as a child.” The average age is 52 years old. They live their entire adult life up to that point. That’s how old I am right now, holding that pain and it comes out in generational abuse, it comes out in verbal abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse and things that then pass it on generationally and together with the changing of how we connect and how we see each other, that is what’s driving this. The fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world is trafficking. It’s now the second most profitable. Second only to illegal drugs. It’s already past illegal arms and it’s soon going to pass the drug trade because you can sell a bag of cocaine once. You can sell a child 10, 20 times a day for 10-20 years and the demand is what I want to stop. We’ve worked on, we have programs for trauma healing. The books that I have coming out starting with the one on Are you listening and teaching people how they can tune in to that beautiful light of truth that’s inside of them in understanding what that intuition is and guiding them and then in understanding the book. two is understanding that like what I was talking about with Robert and the creation of your world where it’s not the law of attraction, in reality it’s the law of creation where our actions and our words and our thoughts can create a world of abundance or scarcity. Can create happiness or devastation and sadness and things like pornography. Everybody who’s listening to me right now has seen pornography. Just because you look at the product doesn’t mean you’re going to become a pedophile but every single one of these guys who are beauties in these children has started out with a hardcore addiction that may have started out with some childhood trauma etc. But that addiction sometimes they like a drug they need something harder to have that same fix. For some of them harder is a little bit younger, a little bit younger, pretty soon they’re fantasizing about something they wouldn’t have even thought was active five years ago and then they’re acting out on these horrific fantasies and it’s creating the tsunami of demand. So how do we fix that? how do we break those habits of taking a woman from a divine feminine to an object of how we see our brothers and sisters, of how we connect with them heart to heart and help heal that trauma that they experienced as children from sexual abuse from verbal abuse. These are all things that can be healed and if we can heal these people worldwide before they become contact offenders themselves, we will save millions of children, not just thousands, not just 20 at a time, we’ll save millions and we’ll save the child. We realize the Child Liberation Foundation is not just here to rescue a 10 year old in the clutches of a trafficker in Honduras. It’s here to rescue the 10 year old inside of a 40 and 50 year old man or woman who had trauma as a child that we can help fix that trauma in a way that they can then pass in hurt people. The old people heal people and if we can do that, we can make a powerful positive impact in the lives of billions of people. That’s what my goal is. 

Ken Walls [ 1:16:17]

For generations to come. I mean. you’re talking about breaking a generational thing. Paul, Are you the reincarnation of Christ? 

Paul Hutchinson [1:16:34]

No, but he’s my brother. I joked the other day. I say, it’s a tag team.

Ken Walls [1:16:46]

That is so unbelievably amazing. I have questions. My main question is,  you know, I sat here listening to you, holding back most of my tears but not all of them. You know, I’ve had some martial arts training and I know you have as well. I’m not a wuss. How about I’ll just leave it at that. I cannot imagine being in the presence of one of these people and not throat punching them, like literally, breaking their trachea on the spot. I don’t know. I don’t have that inside of me to prevent myself from harming them. I would harm them badly. I don’t know how in God’s name you didn’t. How?

Paul Hutchinson [1:17:51]

Put it this way Ken, if you put me in a room today with a hundred pedophiles and a hundred traffickers and you said, Paul you’ve got an hour with these guys you can either have a gun with no retribution or you can have a microphone and they have to listen. I would take that microphone and that would be the most transformational 60 Minutes of their life. I would take them into the pit of Hell. I would show them face to face with the depravity of what happens to the fear of these children. I would help them feel that fear and I would help them internalize it and then I would show them the path to light. I would ensure that they never heard another child again and make sure that they get locked up and hopefully in that position they can find some redemption. But I believe that words can heal, I believe that unconditional love can heal and I love those children more than any of these men who are doing it but I can’t judge them and I know when I’m undercover when I was doing these missions I know that I couldn’t just punch him in the face and shoot him in the head. I couldn’t do that because we would lose those children. We wouldn’t be able to find them. And so yes, I believe that everybody is reachable in some way.  I do, I’ve been asked to. Now that I’ve started to come out public about this, I’ve been asked to come and speak in the prison systems. I think that there’s a little bit of light in everybody. It’s just covered up with a lot of trauma and a lot of darkness and yes we need to protect the children and there have been traffickers who have been killed on our missions. Unfortunately we’ve had some of our operators as well. In fact that’s how I met my wonderful wife. I was at a funeral in Haiti with one of our operators. I had helped lead the undercover work to identify the 34 children and some of the biggest trafficking rings that were taken down in Haiti. Operation Tucson is a documentary about that. You don’t see me in it because of the time I’m undercutting, you see me when my face blurred out. You would hate me if you didn’t know me because I’m laughing with the traffickers. In that movie at the end there’s a little girl. She’s 14 years old and she’s sitting on a rocking chair and that little girl was taken when she was seven. The parents were killed in the earthquake in Haiti and nobody knew she was even alive. She was taken by traffickers and sold for sex 20 or more times a day for seven years. I was the first person to find her. It was about two o’clock in the morning me and the dear friend named Andy and we had worked our way up to what I call a level three trafficker. Level one is the guy selling me cocaine at two in the morning. Level two are the ones who physically sell the children but they don’t physically control them. We have to get to the ones that are suppliers. We have to be able to get there so that we could identify where they’re holding the kids or where they can bring them out to a place where we can do this thing there and so I had worked my way up to this level three. Her name was Cho and she was a female trafficker. She was in this dangerous area of town. There it was 2AM downtown patient view outside of Port-au-Prince Haiti and stuck a key in this door. This door is four feet wide, it’s about seven feet tall, it’s a red rusted steel door. no windows at all in this building. Sticks the key in the store and opens it and the first thing that I see is this dirt hallway. Lights dimly lit with cobwebs on them. To the left was multiple cell doors with no windows, no access except for this steel door and she sticks a key in the still door. The first thing that I see is. It’s not even a bed. It’s a steel plank and it’s held to the wall with the chain and so you can fold it up and down and there was a dirty dingy holy thin blanket that was sitting on this steel plank and to the left of that was a concrete block and this girl was sitting on that concrete block, dirt floor, no windows, looked at me with this blank look in her eye. She didn’t speak for two weeks after we rescued her and the first words that she said. I wasn’t there but somebody told me the first words that she said were “I didn’t think anybody would come.” She had given up hope six years before and what makes me so mad is that every single man who walked through that door for seven years was there to hurt her. Me and Andy were the first ones to walk through that door that didn’t have that intention. Every one of these children have that story but what’s sad is it’s not just the trafficked one. There are so many millions and millions and billions of people who have a little girl like that locked up inside of them. Things that happen to them at three and five and ten years old that they hold with them. Their bodies have recovered, every single cell in their body. It’s not with them anymore but they hold on to this emotional trauma throughout their life and it comes out in dysfunctional relationships, dysfunctional marriages, dysfunctional connections in so many ways that hurt other people. That’s the demand for that horrible act and so many others.

Ken Walls [1:24:35]

Holy crap. I mean. Wow. How can people get involved and help you and be a part of this? A lot of people will say, as you already know. I want to help. I want to be a part of it and until they get that call. “Hey, can you be in Colombia in two days.” Right? It’s like, Well, I didn’t mean I wanted to help like that. I can send 50 bucks.


Paul Hutchinson [1:25:15]

So for years, the only way that you could physically help is if you were a psychologist that spoke Spanish that wanted to travel to help with the rehabilitation or if you were a former special forces guy who wanted to do some stuff and right now the Child Liberation Foundation is funding other foundations that are doing that work. The best way that people can help now that I’ve decided to come out and start speaking is if you have a platform, if you have access to a podcast with a large audience, if you have a group that we could speak live to influencers, if you’ve got connections with big influencers, I’ve got hundreds of these stories that are heartwarming and heart-wrenching at the same time. My book will be coming out in three months “Are you listening?” and I’ll make sure that we stay in contact and you can promote that or maybe I can come back on briefly when it’s out. 

Ken Walls [1:26:16]

We’re gonna put it on. We’re going to promote that. I’m an Amazon influencer as well, we’re gonna go live on Amazon and promote the hell out of that. 

Paul Hutchinson [1:26:27]

Put me on places to speak. Right now, we’re putting together some websites that don’t have to do with me but right now the best way to get a hold of me is or I’m on LinkedIn, I’m on Facebook reach out to me and if you’re reaching out to me to try to have me fund your project no, don’t reach out to me. I get these calls every single day. Paul, you have this big company? No, I got a team that does that but don’t reach out to me for that but if you want me on a podcast, if you’ve got a large following, if you’ve got some contacts that we can share these messages of hope. We are working on some new legislation that will allow for some trauma healing tools here in the US that aren’t available now, I’ll talk about those in three or four months once they’re all through but those are things that we’re working on as well but right now the best thing to do is just allow me to share the stories. I’ll inspire people and touch their hearts. I’ll help them to change the trajectory of their life. Inspire them that they can beat you and have what they want. They can let go of their trauma and we can fix these problems long term.

Ken Walls [1:27:46]

I’m never ever speechless at the end of one of my shows but Paul, I am absolutely speechless with your story. The power that you bring, the passion, it’s absolutely unbelievable. Jackson just sent me a text message and he said, his background is real. You’ve got a look. My wife just said Paul’s Army. I mean and that’s not a hotel you’re sitting in right that’s a whole. 

Paul Hutchinson [1:28:26]

No, that’s our  home. We actually are selling this one in the next few weeks. We’re never here, we travel all the time. We’ve got a beautiful ranch away from the city. This home is going up for sale in the next couple weeks. It’s beautiful. It’s been a place of healing, we’ve had a lot of healing opportunities here with so many people but we’re never here and so we are selling this one but yeah it’s a beautiful blessing in our lives.

Ken Walls [1:28:58]

Paul you are absolutely one of my favorite human beings on planet earth. I don’t know how, I mean I do know how. I know how I can help you. I have a lot of big contacts so we’re gonna make that happen. Anybody with a big podcast or show reach out to me, I’ll connect you with Paul. Paul, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here today and sharing everything that you’ve shared. It’s been absolutely unbelievable. 

Paul Hutchinson [1:29:37]

Thank you, thank you for trusting Jackson to put me on your show and thank you Jackson if you’re listening. What a good man. We call him big Jackson. He’s almost seven feet tall and his heart is bigger than his body. He’s such a good man.  


Ken Walls [1:29:47]

He’s amazing. I joke with him all the time. I’m like dude, don’t make me beat you up and he just looks down at me, like okay. [Laughter] Anyway, Paul, thank you so much. I’m gonna end the live stream for everybody that’s watching or has watched today if you’ve already shared this out thank you. Please share it again. If you haven’t shared it out hey, part of the tithe and offering that Malachi 3 talks about would be today. In today’s currency sharing this information out so share this out.

Paul Hutchinson [1:30:32]

You can also put at the bottom of your stream Child Liberation Foundation just or 

Ken Walls [1:30:42]

Somebody typed that into the comments please and we’ll make sure that it’s also in there. Thank you Jonathan. We’ll make sure that it’s in the show notes as well. This has been incredible. Thank you so much and I’m blown away. I’ve never left speechless but this has been absolutely amazing so thank you so much Paul. If you would stay with me. I’m going to end the live stream now. Make sure everybody go follow Paul on all social media platforms. Go to to get more information to get him on your show. Grant Cardone if you’re watching you need to have this dude on your show man. Listen, I love you all. I appreciate all of you. Paul, thank you so much.

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