Plant Medicine Retreats – What to Expect

A plant medicine retreat can be an experience full of self discovery and transformation if it is approached with intention and is led by experienced facilitators. While different retreats are conducted in different ways, we always ensure that our healing journeys are facilitated with expertise and respect to ensure that our guests get the most out of their experience.  This is what you should expect during one of our plant medicine healing retreats.

Our retreats are located in the lush jungles of Costa Rica where all who attend can feel peace and a closeness to nature. We are surrounded by breathtaking waterfalls and overlooks which you can visit throughout your stay. Walking through the jungle or wading under the falls are a wonderful way to experience this beautiful area of the world. Most importantly, you will be able to experience a sense of freedom from everyday stress and give yourself a chance to let go and be yourself. 

Day One - Intention Setting

Your flight will arrive at one of the local airports where you will be met by one of the shuttles provided by us to transport you to the retreat. After arriving you’ll have the opportunity to settle in, unpack, and take a stroll around the retreat basecamp. You’ll be staying in a luxury star tent (both private and shared tent options are available) on a queen or king sized bed. After settling in we will gather in the dining pavilion for a buffet style meal that is made from fresh locally sourced food – some of which is grown here on the retreat. 

The most important event on day one is intention setting. Prior to a successful healing ceremony it’s extremely important to set clear intentions for your experience. This will help to focus your energy during the healing ceremonies and will partly determine what benefits and results you take with you when this is all over. Intentions that you might set include a desire to improve your relationship with loved ones, to overcome anxiety or depression, to reach a deeper understanding of yourself, to overcome past trauma, to make progress in a struggle with addiction, to deepen a spiritual connection or understanding, etc. 

That evening you will have the opportunity to gather around the campfire with us to relax, connect, and get ready for the following day. 

Day Two and Three - Healing Ceremonies

You will be experiencing a plant medicine healing ceremony on both days two and three. The types of ceremonies and the plants used will vary depending on which retreat you elect to attend, but all of our healing ceremonies are administered by trained and certified facilitators who have led hundreds of other individuals through transformational ceremonies and know how to help each individual fulfill the intentions they set for themselves. 

Prior to, during, and after each ceremony, one of our facilitators will work directly with you to ensure that you extract the most profound insights and healing from each experience. Their expertise and deep connection to the plant medicines create a safe and supportive environment for your journey. It is partly because of the expert guidance of our facilitators that many participants have told us that this was the most transformative experience of their lives. 

Before each ceremony you will undergo a brief medical check with one of our on-staff medical providers to ensure that you are healthy and safe to participate in the healing ceremony. These medical experts will remain on-site during the course of each healing ceremony. 

Although the healing ceremony will be the main focus on each of these days, meals will be served by our crew, and you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful land and jungles of our retreat. Excursions to the local waterfalls will be available, and there are trails for you to walk at your leisure. Each night you will have the opportunity to gather with us around the fire to connect, relax, and recharge with us for the next day. 

Day Four - Reflection and Follow Through

Although day four is the final day of this retreat, we still have one very important element of the healing journey to complete with you. After preparing for the day and eating a fresh and energizing breakfast you will work with one of our facilitators to review what you experienced and learned during the healing ceremonies, and what goals and actions you will take to implement positive changes in your life. 

This process of review, reflection, and goal setting will ensure that you take action on this experience and that you achieve the positive changes that were made possible through this experience. Throughout the following weeks and months our team will set a pattern of follow up with you to ensure lasting support and results after you’ve left. This step is one that many other retreats will leave out and this is partly why the individuals that attend our retreats leave equipped to change their lives for the better, not just with fond memories. 

Because many participants in our retreat express the opportunity to share this event with friends and family we also will provide you with several VIP tickets that will allow your friends and family to participate in our healing retreat at a sizable discount if they wish. 

After packing your belongings and eating your fill, our shuttles will transport you back to the airport in time for you to catch your flight back home. 

Over the following weeks and months our facilitators will occasionally reach to continue to support you in implementing your goals and realizing the benefits that you are seeking as a result of your experience with us.

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